We, as the Elegans Agency family, represent your reputation in the digital area. We support you and your firm in reaching your targets by presenting creative and innovative solutions for your digital works.

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We offer all the required services for your firm in the digital area. There is an innovative, productive and solution-based team spirit behind the services we offer!

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Our customers, who make up our values, are our solution partners and the mirror of our brand. We work with them in a sincere business approach. We would be happy to see you among us!

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With the developing technology, the internet has become as valuable as electricity. On the other hand, we constantly follow the developing technology for you, and we continue to maintain a company spirit that is open to innovations and developments. You can check out what kind of work we are doing below!

Cleaning / Web Design

Web Tasarım Koltuk Yıkama

Engineering / Catalogue

Product / Photo Shoot

Textile / Business Card Design

Kartvizit Tasarımı Başaran Moda

Shop / Logo Design

Education / Poster Design

Afiş Tasarımı Beykent Üniversitesi Sağlık Zirvesi


We prepare works that reflect your corporate identity in the best way with the original works we do for your company. Let’s raise your brand reputation together!

We prepare works that reflect your corporate identity in the best way with the original works we do for your company. Let’s raise your brand reputation together!

The digital marketing category has a very wide area. As you can promote your product or service on the internet also provides the possibility to reach your potential customers.

We offer your organization, event, factory, hotel promotional films, product and catalogue shootings. Take advantage of our creative and innovative solutions for visual and video!


We carry out the necessary technical work in the best way to rank high in search engines such as Google and Yandex. Beam your website with our professional SEO work.

Social Media Management

With our social media service, we increase your company’s stance on social media platforms and its interaction with the users who follow you, in short, we increase your brand reputation.

Ads Management

With our ad management service, we create your ad accounts on platforms such as Google, Yandex, Facebook and Instagram, as well as provide analysis and management.

You can prepare all the work you need in the field of outdoor advertising in the line you want and install, install and so on. We carry out their operations in a healthy way.


As Elegans Web Design Agency, we represent your reputation in the digital media. We support you and your company in achieving your goals by offering creative and innovative solutions to your digital business. We strengthen our infrastructure by following the constantly evolving technology and agenda with our open perspective to innovations. The solutions we offer to our customers in the digital field are made with constantly developing technologies.


Our services but are not limited to living abroad in Turkey and we provide services to our clients doing business. Our web design agency analyzes the expectations of your company and carries out the design and contextual processes in a controlled manner. Within the information received from you for your purpose, it designs your website in a way that appeals to the eye, coded following today’s trends and mobile technologies.


The curious questions about our services are listed.

Web Design is web site software created for individuals or companies to introduce themselves and to sell their products or services. Prepared web pages should be prepared and published by their purpose. It should be applied to web sites in the innovations brought by the developing technology every day. Unappealing websites cannot attract traffic and cause the user entering the site to exit the site immediately.

Web Design Prices vary according to the type and qualifications of the website. We have special pricing policies as a promotional website, E-Commerce site, personal website or blog site.

Web design prices vary according to the type and purpose of the site, as well as the number of pages.

You can call us or leave a message for detailed information.

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Our web design agency, which provides many services in the digital field, especially web design service, has experience of about 10 years and serves our valued customers. Together with our team, which is open to innovations brought by the developing technology, we offer quality solutions to your business and apply our experience to your projects by constantly following these innovations.


You can contact us 24/7 to benefit from our innovative and technological solutions in web design.

E-Commerce Site Prices vary according to the functionality of the site. You can call us to get information about E-Commerce Site Prices from our company or leave a message for a price quote.

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Trademark Registration is the registration process made by companies to protect their trademarks. When you register a brand name, other persons or institutions cannot take the registered name and thus you protect your brand. Trademark registration companies have a more reliable image in the eyes of their customers.

Product Shooting is the product photography you need to use in online e-commerce systems or printed resources such as product catalogues. Product photography is usually done with professional cameras in a studio environment.

Many factors need to be considered to photograph the product correctly, and its work must be done by competent professional hands. Our company Elegans Agency provides services in product photography with its professional team. Our fellow photographers receive training from professional sources and even provide training to many students.

You can call us for product shooting or leave a message from the contact form.

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Responsive Web Design is the operation of websites in harmony with other portable devices. This infrastructure, which we call Responsive, which works flexibly and responsibly, is nowadays used in highly developed and new generation websites.

It does not work responsive on old system web site infrastructures. Generally, attention should be paid to the compatibility with the screens of computer monitors, mobile and tablet devices. Because most people access websites through these devices.

We can say that Logo Design is the first design element that a brand should have at the time of establishment. The first element that reflects and highlights the corporate identity of the brand is the logo design.

For people who see your logo to remember you, you need to design a catchy logo that best describes your company.

When designing a corporate logo, the colours and drawings to be used should be worked in harmony with the sector and the company’s line.

Although the logo is not a constantly changing symbol, it is a permanent symbol that defines your brand that you will use for a long time and even if it is prepared successfully and beautifully.

An E-Commerce Site is a type of website that allows people to register on your site, add your products or services to their cart and purchase after payment. With an aesthetic and powerful E-Commerce infrastructure, you can give confidence to the customers who enter your site and ensure them shop easily and quickly.

With an advanced E-Commerce system and your advertisements, you can make the customers who come to the site follow their order and shipping processes on the site, and you can satisfy them. When the customers who shop from your site are satisfied, they come back to your site and shop.

E-Commerce sites must be optimized or run on powerful and fast servers. Because nobody wants to shop from a cumbersome site.

In the field of Digital Marketing, we provide Advertising Management, Social Media Management (Facebook and Instagram) Bulk E-Mailing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), in short, all the services your company needs. We offer it either as a package or as a single service.

A domain is the name or domain name required to be on the Internet. Every website has a Domain and people type the domain name while accessing the site directly. You can buy and use unregistered domain addresses as you wish.

Hosting is shared data storage and hosting services that allow you to upload files belonging to your website and broadcast them on the internet. In short, it is your virtual hard drive on the internet!

To publish a website on the internet, it is not enough to just buy a domain or hosting. To run a site, the two are inseparable.

You can carry out Google advertising by yourself, but because you do not optimize your budget correctly and do not follow the process, you will not be able to get the necessary efficiency and you will waste your budget.

In Google Ads management, we analyze your keywords with high search volume and the budget you need to invest in advertising before advertising. After the analysis, we create your advertising campaigns by opening your advertising account.

We do the necessary work to reach your potential customers by optimizing your advertising campaigns to the finest details.

You can call us to advertise on Google or leave a message to us from the contact form to call you.

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